03-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

coca cola finding sugar many times cheaper addictive thatn cocaine
babylon bee joe biden promises limited freedoms july 4 if on best behavior
lockdown 2 3 tokyo drift fast furious
nancy pelosi chuck schumer never let american voters interfere election
deer headlights joe biden answer questions from press
job biden first 100 days office trainwreck
gas guzzler truck greta how dare you
biden my vaccine plan huge success cross out trump name
one of doctors good for children dr seuss fauci
they live wear a mask glasses no independent thought
geico could have saved 30 percent or more gas sticking with trump

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet at age click directly forgot password aparnarc

Quote of the Day

quote lenin press collective propagandist organizer agitator

Message of the Day

lesson less full time 15 per hour taxes compared to minimum wage

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