03-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when restaurant next door looks more appetizing baby hooters
back to normal masks covid fishing pole vaccines
cavemen ice age ending must be out fault climate change
dc national guard who protecting us from capitol
duty every american vote candidate of choice closed to independents
two types of governors cuomo desantis free florida sexual predator
babylon bee markle thought princess too hard run for president
americans spending stimulus checks on guns ron swanson love this country
joe biden wear masks have not heard humanitarian crisis border
joe biden whos master dog bone voted muzzle 4th july

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet wet spot dishes pecaresque

Question of the Day

question ask first 2 covid bills bipartisan dems complete opposite trump divisive

Quote of the Day

quote if no mentally disturbed assault weapon ill president have army

Message of the Day

message strongest weapon is american patriot

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