03-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

deer interview reporter 2021 ammo shortage
babylon bee asians asked be less successful stop ruiing racial narrative
sourth texas migrant facility over legal capacity no word aoc photoshoot
joe biden air force one stair machine
guardian arwa mahdawi aoc vs ivankas hair
joe biden inherited this mess trump border free health care catch release
mad libs washington post sleazy media trick
creeps cuomo clinton franken biden weiner

clark kent superman covid when one disappears
meghan harry gofund me page dc guard mask antifa blm riots
john kerry no mask never again fly commercial

Quote of the Day

quote burgess owens voter id laws racist assume capability suppression

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet andy biggs democrats fence us capitol

Message of the Day

personal reasons keep posting memes instead of seeking professional help mental health

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