03-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mechanic if you eat sandwiches like this immune from everything
playing sexy dice game with wife rolled eat with clothes on
hardest pills swallow biological parent discipline you out of child
democrats hate crimes people demonizing like white supremacist trump supporters
more power democrats less safe democrats burning 2nd amendment
rand paul not expert on viruses same people listen to bill gates
joe biden puppet of pelosi schumer soros zuckerberg nadler
kid i know mommy lacks courage stand up for your right to breathe mask
democrats wagon gop hates blacks blm votes matter
pelosi hr1 eliminate id laws steal election bill guillotine we the people
joe biden stairs doing something while someone watching

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet james woods voter id mexico requires not one single democrat

Quote of the Day

quote applaud politician public money same atm gives your money

Message of the Day

message stop calling income tax refund overpaid got your change back

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