03-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat waiting for daily amazon boxes
who killed goliath covid david kid answer
scientists dog year 7 human years false 2020
how green energy works firms politicians taxpayer money
omg never run out of ink treasury printing money cover debt
ask not what country can do for you bernie sanders become socialist demand it
biden time kids cages time magazine ensure voting base
show me proof send them youre conspiracy theorist
joe biden supporter water swim face mask

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet burning mom history handshake is bond present arrested
tweet leggy jones didnt have playdates parents kicked out unsolved mysteries
tweet hot dogs lady 6.66 corndog satan powers

Quote of the Day

quote thomas paine body men holding themselves accountable nobody not trusted anybody

Message of the Day

message better walk alone than with crowd in wrong direction

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