03-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wd40 suez canal wedge ship
black cat security dog lied on resume got job
vaccine donut box trap simpsons
speaking of viruses 28 trillion national debt usa
how joe biden sees himself world
white bias wokeness fragility critical race theory never knew such a problem
wolves cartels russia china iran north koreo smell biden incompetence
bill client new democrat poster boy womens empowerment kamala cuomo busy

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet parallel parked when people watcg suez canal captain
tweet freddy quinne lockdown 12 months accomplish nothing
tweet michael myers born to wear mask
tweet lost vegas getting packages zoon lockdown enrichment

Quote of the Day

quote harry truman politician rich show you crook

But Keep Listening to Dr. Fauci

Texas COVID numbers decrease 17 days after mask, other restrictions lifted

Message of the Day

message washington war when government tells enemy revolution when figure it out yourself

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