03-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids today soft i died mom made me walk it off
simple way to kill mosquitos tequila sticks covid
badge man born to be gynecologist feltersnatch md
joe biden answers were not scripted turn ask another question press conference
1950 think how intelligent society will be now masks faceshields
20 minutes cardio entire pizza beer ship
kermit march 2020 2021 lockdown
massive ship federal debt deficit biden tax increases

Quote of the Day

quote donald trump border handed to joe biden now crisis

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet candace owens lets make guns illegal criminals dont follow laws
tweet pandemic 1 3 12 month pandemic blockbuster

It Will NEVER End Through Compliance

CDC will not lift conditional sailing order earlier than November

state stole one year of my life simpsons so far
nose only covid 19 masks for eating baby jesus make it stop
masks reminder of pandemic not seeing death ambulances funeral homes

Message of the Day

message lockdown masks wont end until we dont comply

MIT Researchers Grudgingly Admit COVID ‘Team Reality’ Is Effectively Winning Minds With Real Data – Scott Morefield

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