03-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont mess with wooden spoon lead paint no bike helmet survivor
mom animal just eats sleeps never takes shower me dog trying to figure who shes talking about
sponge bob look wife asked see doing herself
conservative see minority american peer liberal racist underprivileged victim
joe biden potus mexican drug cartel employee of month
kamala harris think bad now wait until i take over for biden
mainstream media white man boulder lack of gun laws syrian
joe biden evergreen suez canal
babylon bee cdc director gives press conference while holding end is near sign

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dr drew listen to scientists but big tech silences
tweet randy savage gun rights 2 weeks flatten curve no face life school
tweet dr david samadi mask removal texas

Quote of the Day

quote albert einstein blind faith in authority greatest enemy of truth

You Knew It Was Coming

Since Biden promised no new taxes for households making less than $400k, I assume no one under that income drives a car.

Biden Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Proposes ‘Vehicle Mileage Tax’ to Pay for ‘Infrastructure’ Projects

As with the miniscule amount of the “Covid Relief” bill spent on “stimulus checks,” any “infrastructure bill” will allocate just a sliver of trillions in new spending to actual infrastructure while the rest goes to Democrat slush funds, campaign contributor paybacks, and laundered kickbacks to the politicians themselves.

Biden revenue plan includes ‘marriage penalty’ putting some couples at a ‘significant disadvantage’

Biden officials increased tax proposal by $2T amid concerns about cost of infrastructure package

1400 dollar stimulus check me ship

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson dont let people surrounded by barbed wire soldiers cant own firearm

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