Best of Homeschooling Memes

tweet before want best education homeschooling ok with kids being dumb
homeschooling hot mess focus on rap career
somebodys dad in back homeschool zoom call sponge bob underwear
stupid teachers doesnt know shit about history english vodka mom is doing her best
door sign homeschooling in progress dont interupt unless teach math or have beer
tweet arianna bradform homeschooling my son sarcasm shut the fuck up best batman
liberals homeschooling deprives kids of socialization same wear masks stay 6 feet apart
every parent right now starting school in person online or homeschooling face
zoom 4th grader changes name to reconnecting
todays homeschool lesson fractions wine glasses
what if when over everyone realizes homeschooling great saving money better government sucks
homeschool day 5 studied effects of nyquil on students
homeschooling going well two students suspended fighting teacher fired for drinking on job
tweet anya zoom detention link taking life seriously
tweet spencer ackerman 5 year old mouthing words zoom
tweet homeschooling alexa gave notice
tweet gibsin going backpacking find new life no homeschooling
interested online accordian lessons lockdown
all these kids learning common core about to learn carry the one new homeschool teachers
when kids go back to school mama said adam sandler waterboy
homeschool day 1 wondering how get this kid transferred out of my class
you think bad now wait 20 years country run people home schooled by day drinkers
facebook family lockdown ideas home school cover honey
tweet ramblin mama moms drowning superhero

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2 thoughts on “Best of Homeschooling Memes

  1. First, what is going on right now with teachers not wanting to teach, and parents not wanting to take any responsibility whatsoever for their children’s education, is NOT HOMESCHOOLING. Homeschooling IS the solution to the horrors the gulag of government monopoly day prisons (aka – da skoolz) has caused in our country. Everything possible must be done to encourage parents to pull their children OUT of government monopoly schools and to begin homeschooling them if possible.

    Homeschooling curricula are designed to be presented by parents, and somewhat self-taught by students (the Ron Paul Curricula is designed to be self-taught beyond the 3rd grade). The problems parents are now facing with their children are the direct result of handing them over to the government to raise, and the unbelievably crappy job the government has done. They are the result of untrained teachers attempting to teach over video, with classes and strategies designed for in-person “learning.” Sure, they had all summer of last year to actually prepare lessons that could be delivered remotely, but they didn’t. Meanwhile, folks who create homeschooling curricula specifically create lesson plans for delivery in the homeschool setting. I agree that parents should absolutely be ridiculed for how they are handling this situation. They should even be condemned for their duplicity and lack of concern for their children’s welfare. Rather than opening their eyes and seeing what a horrible job the government does at pretending to educate their kids, seeing what whiny, overpaid folks the terrified teachers are, and realizing that teachers who are FORCED back into the classrooms, will simply take out their anger on their children, parents are NOT pulling their children out of the schools and homeschooling them or looking for other alternatives. Instead they beg and plead and file lawsuits, etc. all to force a bunch of angry teachers to spend 6 hours a day with their unwanted children. How smart is that??

    The end of the government monopoly system is closer than anyone thinks. If every Trump supporter pulled their children out, or helped their children get their grandchildren out, the system would collapse. Pull them out, demand an end to the annual school tax, and take back the responsibility of educating your own children. A fully competitive and free marketplace of charity, co-op, home, neighborhood, online, and who knows what…schools, could and would address the needs of every child in society, while undermining the power and control that teachers now have over election cycles, political agendas, and the future of the nation’s children.

    • We’ll said mr liberty. The first year of home schooling after government school is hell, because there is little teaching happening. The days are filled up with very carefully dismantling the shell your child has become. Reintroducing reality is a very delicate proposition:-) “Yes performance is expected, no your not a horrible person if you mess up” No it’s not unreasonable for me to expect these two abstract ideas to co mingle peacefully.. Yes you’re expected to do it until you understand it, no you can’t do the bare minimum and expect a gold star. As a parent if you value developing and nurturing an actual growing relationship with your children, removing the public school grind is a must! The sooner the better! Once you get over the hump of re-establishing that your child is a member of your family, not a member of “the world” things start going a lot smoother. And the gained freedom is sooo worth the hard work! So hang in there, and do right by your kids, not because it’s easy, not because you like it, but because it’s the right thing to do!

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