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Why Facemasks, Social Distancing, and Other Covid Restrictions Will Continue Forever

Some may wonder why the axis powers of the media, Big Tech, Big Business, and leftist government officials continue to push indefinite, anti-freedom Covid restrictions. It’s all about establishing permanent power and control. Let’s look at these one at a time:

I’m sure some think I’m exaggerating when I say most Covid restrictions will be permanent, but the same thing has been said EVERY step of the way…15 days to slow the spread, just a 30-day mask mandate, we have to wait for a vaccine, we don’t know about new strains,……there will ALWAYS be a new excuse…winter seasonal outbreaks, new strains, flu deaths, co-morbid conditions, and on and on. Freedom will NEVER be given back by the Ruling Class. It must be TAKEN BACK! Demand your freedom! Set the standard and show others YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Fauci Absolutely Torched By Rand Paul About COVID Vaccines, Masks, and Immunity

Dr. Fauci Refuses to Answer Questions on Numerical Measures of When Normalcy Will Return

CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Tries To Defend Fauci’s Mask Nonsense…Ends Up Peddling More COVID Idiocy

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