04-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

fishy muff takeaway taste buds treat
text friday night u me mozzarella sticks shrek wrong number
me preparing leave house deal with other people
covid 19 slave master society
diversity training straight white males boxing gloves
joe biden lap dog wont bite mainstream media poodle
twilight zone world meme source of truth media in bed pedophiles politicians
covid 19 survival rates open eyes
georgia voter id racist passport not
british colonists hand over guns goest fuckest yourself
wuhan lab who no covid check bat cave sign
spiderman suez canal create stuff american
texas migrant facility 700 percent capacity people voted for biden
babylon bee jim acosta award courageous joirnalism
delta dont like georgia id law racist dont like muslims

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet husband says laundry fairy going to kill him
tweet sara buckley best wife advice husbands bj away not caring purchase
tweet gibsin going backpacking find new life no homeschooling
tweet homeschooling alexa gave notice

Lesson of the Day

lesson prageru 3 rules escape poverty full time job graduate no kids under 21

Quote of the Day

quote jason bassler without taxation funding drug war victimless laws nsa spying

Messages of the Day

message cheers who didnt fall for divide conquer agenda
message i am immune to mind control

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