04-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Meme Gallery Added

Political Correctness & Censorship Meme Gallery 3

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

new study cats cant spread covid but would if they could
cure for every sickness as kid vicks soup gingerale crackers bob barker
raising arizona episode survivor the news
new jamaican covid strain bullshit mon
homeless sign missed out on white privilege
trying to figure how unvaccinated person give covid if vaccine works
whats another 3 trillion black hole dc national debt
kamala harris biden fix border for good wall demolition
if believe covid strain no symptoms tests believe invisible mask
why is it always you rinos collins murkowski romney sasse toomey
babylon bee controversial georgia law requires workers check voters for pulse
muslim transvestite rapist satanist hillary bill clinton michele barack obama
suez boat covid pleasure wrecking global economy today

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zuby people upset tell them 99.9 child rona survival
tweet candace owens floyd cardi b satan shoes white supremacy
tweet donald trump jr will vaccine passports required to vote voter id

Quote of the Day

quote milton friedman if put government in charge of sahara desert shortage of sand

Message of the Day

message worst assumption our government would never do that

Tip of the Day

ask how long going to wear mask wont answer mind is no longer their own

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