04-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats when child develop same inappropriate sense of humor
stranger nice to meet you give it time
911 call breakin with gun dispatcher impossible illegal
dr fauci drinking from toilet prevents covid ever see dog coronavirus
aoc kids in cages 2018 crying photo up 2021 homer bushes
who world health organization covid 19 report cheetos xi china fingerprints
joe biden media faucet filter
babylon bee libs use same strategy on guns war on drugs success
old enough remember paper bags killing trees use plastic
joe biden exploding cigar iran nuke deal
reason democrats cops shooting black men no longer election issue
liberal please let the shooter be white

I’d Call It Monopoly Money, but the Monopoly Bills May Be Worth More Soon

AOC Says Biden’s $2.3T Additional Spending Not Enough, Wants $10T More

government spending debt stake heart americans
joe biden not socialist karl marx steroids great society

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet lebron james other nba stars organizing chicago march kidding they dont care

Lesson of the Day

liberal playbook promise everything deliver nothing blame someone else

Quote of the Day

quote dresde james ideal tyranny self administered blissfully unaware enslave themselves

Message of the Day

message never about virus see how far push before you push back falling down douglas

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