04-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me muted zoom go fuck yourself sunny philadelphia
pancake syrup refrigerator lit wife husband communication
bed start day positive therapist fuuuu
chicago lightfoot wear mask save danger shooting
joe biden told u get gop say package too big obama
911 call breakin with gun dispatcher impossible illegal
pandemic restrictions lifted ease off ass
china steals tech hong kong democracy covid virus racist
alice wonderland nonsense world cnn biological sex
white house trust us dont need assault weapons capitol
joe biden immigrant child sardines at least not trump cage
easter jesus if mainstream media convicted man on loose tomb

Social Media Posts of the Day

mewe pandemic flu cases idiocracy
tweet kia china covid disappeared without vaccine already communist
tweet been georgia mlb allstar game vs china

Message of the Day

message idea healthy people endanger breathing biggest scam

Lesson of the Day

Aside from possibly the Mainstream Media, the biggest enemy of freedom in the world is Big Tech. To give you an idea of their financial power alone, check out the size of the largest American companies below. Most people think of Walmart, for example, as an enormous giant of a company, and it is. However, Apple alone is worth over FIVE TIMES as much! In addition to Big Tech’s monopoly on communication and information sharing, it has nearly a trillion dollars in cash at its disposal to buy off any smaller competitors who they can’t destroy.

top 15 american companies market cap

Quote of the Day

quote problem not lack of food money water given control to psychopaths gavin nascimento

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3 thoughts on “04-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The biggest enemy of freedom in the world is GOVERNMENT. It is through that vehicle that all the other enemies of freedom (the mainstream media, bigPharma, bigAgra, central banks, bigTech, etc.) get their power and the “legal” power to enforce their control. It might be nice to think that we can somehow address the other problems while doing nothing about government, but that is simply not the case. Government is how we all got here in the first place.

  2. Of course, but the government wouldn’t be as bad as it is if the mainstream media and Big Tech didn’t keep the current scum in power.

    • Chicken and the egg to a degree. But it all starts with the belief among the population that anyone, for any reason, has the right to rule over anyone else. Once that is the basis of society, the ending is inevitable.

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