04-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats vs dogs crying weak make me sick
one slow walking person destroy illjsion nice person
drink wife cart for sale
show id to get fishing license not voting for president voter id
when teaching daughter shoot balls target
mlb woke propaganda georgia voting integrity law
me past 12 months need stiff drink
gas prices arm leg miss trump yet
breaking democrats bold new plan end mask use conformity head up ass soviets
one way know country no functioning press any lie told truth irrational

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet us government why bitch vaccine passport fishing marriage business licenses
tweet dan crenshaw vaccine trump biden plan

Quote of the Day

message hooker vs democrat when run out of money hooker stop screwing you

Message of the Day

quote theodore dalrymple political correctness communist propaganda

When Boot-Licking MSM Worshipers Trip Up and Ask a Real Question

Dr. Fauci Is Left Stammering Incoherently After He’s Challenged on Free States vs. Lockdown States

welcome to texas masks in trash

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