04-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

angry lady cat smudge drugs vitamins all natural
yells cat knocking off table fing can opener lecture
anyone have spare conspiracy theories mine keep coming true
babylon bee google removes entire state of georgia from google maps
joe biden dog wont harm flea tax hikes biting us businesses
crisis border pelosi aoc kamala harris democrat voter registration
joe biden held up podium wires
sign open no masks allowed handshakes hugs ok
babylon bee charles barkley to undergo racial sensitivity be less white
red flag laws explained same people who contact facebook offensive posts calling tip line to seize guns

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet spencer ackerman 5 year old mouthing words zoom
tweet dad xbox too violent play hangman

Quote of the Day

quote not all in this together all apart part of the plan

Message of the Day

message california politicians newsom pelosi harris waters feinstein

Other Links That May Interest You

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