04-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont know midlife decided ongoing crisis
60 myths show deceptive editing desantis
burning looters fighting establishment sponsored by netflix amazon disney sign
graph feeling of power telling people wear mask
joe biden meeting world leaders smart or like me forrest gump
education system nutshell elementary hs sheep college jobs market
joe biden gun confiscation law abiding citizens criminals
infrastructure biden plan sell brooklyn bridge
media joe biden cover up
chauvin trial find guilty or riots minnesota lady justice

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet favorite way online shop yell out what i need until ads appear in feed

Let’s See, What Else Is In the Way of American Communism?

Here We Go: Biden Establishes Commission to Study Court Packing, Other SCOTUS ‘Reforms’

chickens theyre eating us you and your conspiracy theories

Quote of the Day

quote truth doesnt mind being questioned lie does

Messages of the Day

message sick until proven healthy no more tyrannical than guilty until proven innocent
message voter id harder to cheat free speech to lie 2nd amendment steal liberty

Not a Babylon Bee Satire Article

Michigan Governor Whitmer Calls for 14-Day Lockdown to Slow Covid-19 Surge

face palm

Other Links That May Interest You

Biden’s California Dream – John Stoessel
GOP Needs to Understand That the Corporations Are Its Enemy – Kurt Schlichter
Ending Big Tech Tyranny – Betsy McCaughey
Charlie Kirk to Take Rush Limbaugh’s Time Slot

One thought on “04-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Michigan is under a tyrant with Witless Whitmer. She has had her hand slapped enough so she won’t issue another Executive Order, her Dept of Health and Human Services does it for her. Our state defines a child as 19 and under. The positivity rate is so high for this group because of lockdown fatigue across the board but especially with COLLEGE KIDS. You know, some who are in that “child” age bracket. They have also gone from giving us a number of people with covid to a percentage change… so kinda tells you its not as scary as they hoped it was.

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