04-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

takes vegetables off bacon cheeseburger lower calories
car wrong lane more see people dislike public
people living life not bothering anyone government jessica jones
breaking news 2+2=3 media sheep conspiracy
red flag laws when group of murderers thieves congress decide who shouldnt own a gun
underreported at border patrol al qaeda no espanol
babylon bee adorably naive optimist lockdowns end someday

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet parents beg you to examine kids names spelled backwards analram
tweet ursula therapist steps next time husband annoys you more throw pillows
tweet james breakwell 10 year old salads
tweet patriot j next time card liquor story id racist

Quote of the Day

quote ayn rand fast approaching stage government do anything citizens ask permission

The ‘Crisis’ Will Never End

Now, It’s Time to Stop Listening to Fauci…Even Liberals Are Calling Him Out – Matt Vespa

covid gun climate crisis total protection bubble wrap
will ferrell only 3 more dockdowns to christmas
tweet sharvail walmart kid haircut march 1000th

Message of the Day

message sign masks not required if concerned stay home

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