04-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me suffering from covid 420 joint
office corporate planning 420 off working
pig at beach swimming bread last 12 months
work sending mixed signals non smoking 420
rename going to costco for one thing fuck u are
ghostbusters slimmed me sneeze with mask on
doctor dont confuse google medical degree financial incentives powerful info tool mankind
everyone else uses metric system america bald eagle space social distance

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet adam gaylord never lie to kids unicorn rangers
tweet lk personal reasons not looking before crossing road

Quote of the Day

quote edward snowden people dont realize speak truth people living lie

Even Liberals Are Speaking Up Against Covid Insanity

Bill Maher Rips Media’s COVID ‘Panic Porn’: ‘How Did Your Audience Wind Up Believing Such A Bunch Of Crap?’

The Responses To This Slate Writer’s Call To End Outdoor Masking Tell You All You Need To Know About The Left

facemask people afraid to die no afraid to live
facemask my tv does my thinking for me

Message of the Day

white privilege card for sale never used trade for victim card

Other Links That May Interest You

Big Tech Censorship Continues Unabated – Chris Talgo
Our Corporate Masters? – Derek Hunter
Journalism’s Mounting Issue with Baiting the Narrative – Brad Slager
A Permanent Mask Mandate? One State Is Considering It
CNN Meme Gallery

One thought on “04-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. This is the best group of posts in one day ever! In the spirit of 420 day, I’ll say it’s Totally Awesome, Dude!

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