04-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

arbys meat based carrots rival rival plant based meats ron swanson
how to fix squeek brakes rattle tick turn radio up
maxine waters throwing gasoline on mob violence
liberal logic trump vs waters inciting riot pioneering movement
i cant breathe protester sign take off the facemask
no longer peoples fbi now democrats kgb
will smith last man on earth fauci still have to wear mask
ben jerrys scream for defunding police
welcome minnesota land of 10000 riots democrat walz controlled
dr fauci mask that could end all this duct tape

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mccracken walmart girl scream feel better
tweet runnels worst thing returning to bar 5oz glass wine

Quote of the Day

quote if truth makes you uncomfortable blame lie

Message of the Day

lisa simpson take away right shall not be infringed what stop other rights

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