04-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

boy painted abs schlong women paint eyebrows
how to stop snoring pillow over head delete message
house not knowing ring roterie wall phone alive
facemasks if only way to symbolize end of free speech
mister magoo joe biden driving us off cliff
democrats kick me sign national guard vote against disparaging treatment
still cant believe changing pancake mix didnt bring world piece aunt jemima
republicans vs democrats counting votes open gym vs covered windows
aoc climate change only 12 years save planet winter weather
kamala harris solved border wall push when more democrat votes needed

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dan ivey can tell fitted sheet side wine stain
tweet tasmkn ration men women looking good

Quote of the Day

quote briana wiest mountain in front of you

Message of the Day

message personal choices selfish regulated false sense security office

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