04-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats training new guy bug garage
in zoom call love note dont walk out naked
saw this guy two pieces lumber know youre rich
talking about slavery foreign countries no white people 500 years ago yes
two things in life death taxes hr block
dr fauci ask the quack 6 vaccinations 3 masks 2 heads of garlic
iran high level inside agent hates trump israel john kerry
virginia department education cancelling advanced math equity plan
for the record office if someone trying to stab please shoot
babylon bee cdc now recommends wearing seat belt event when outside the car science
dc fence they finally locked up all criminals


hollywood oscar ratings 2021

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dad loath free time income why kids
tweet mullen school dropoffs calm voice doing it wrong
tweet howtobedad low hanging fruit pockets women
tweet desiree pinata beat someth8ng have candy

Quote of the Day

quote children forced to wear masks hell jim meehan

Message of the Day

message to elites politicians health experts journalists wont forget what you did to world

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