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It’s now been 100 days, do you see the slightest sign a mask mandate removal or a return to normal will happen anytime soon? Biden famously gave a new deadline of allowing us some freedom on July 4th, but that’s already been moved back by Dr. Fauci, who of course refuses to give any measurable number for removal of Covid restrictions. CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, is now using the term “moving target” to keep things vague. I frankly think they paused the J&J vaccine because the population was getting vaccinated too quickly, lessening their ability to use low vaccine numbers as an excuse. They must stall at least until December, then they can use the whole “we can’t let up with winter here” BS. After the winter is over, some new strains or other excuses will start filtering out from the CDC fascists. Still think I’m exaggerating when I say this will go on forever unless we stop it?

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