05-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

elon musk escape earth mars someday
wake her up for sex homer
al bundy couc feelings alcohol
family guy being responsible citizen stopping spread of covid
breaking fully vaccinated can go outside without mask cdc you were wearing
cat leash people dragged back to work
no matter how bad life is remember people worried about gender of plastic potato
progressive view of america deplorable trans privilege
immigration privilege having ability walk into another country treated better than those paying
joe biden 100 days clown energy dependence spending division
dumb dumber costume nancy pelosi kamala harris
man who spent 50 years congress complains problems they all created

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet heugle homehate every single person
tweet ramblin mama moms drowning superhero

Question of the Day

question if keystone pipeliners find another job welfare recipients can do

Quote of the Day

quote george orwell make you pay for food drink wars calls this freedom

Message of the Day

message heartfelt to those outrage outside isolate yourselves

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