05-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mothers day poem nothing rhymes wine educate kid
me holding cat zoom conference elephants
people iphones excited announcers same shit every year
for all spending use paypal thanks grandkids
joe biden america on move again away from blue states
flag red white facemasks
hard pills democrats to swallow trump right about joe biden
911 20 years ago sign let it go you mean like slavery
see bs cbs 60 minutes hit piece ron desantis
mainstream media democrat uncle tim scott racist nation

When You’ve Exhausted All Coverup Efforts and Forced to Practice Journalism

new york times discovers cuomo story nursing home

Latest Goalpost Move in the Quest to Meet “Forever” Mask Mandate Effort

TSA extends public transportation mask requirement through Sept. 13

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet dr melissa sell goalposts fear threat

Quotes of the Day

quotes george orwell 1984 obey the party democrat

Message of the Day

message if you cant look back at younger self realize idiot

Other Links That May Interest You

Team Biden Intends to Never Let Its Manufactured Crises Go to Waste – David Limbaugh
MSNBC Panel: Tim Scott Doesn’t Know Racism, But Mayor Pete Does
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One thought on “05-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Golly, that 100 day “request” by Xiden certainly seems longer than that. Almost like it was in the same mold as Day 425 of 15 to flatten the curve.

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