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05-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

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No One Wants to Examine the Most Obvious Data on Mask Effectiveness

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If the U.S. Military was ordered to enforce Marshall Law on the nation, it’d be hard pressed to achieve the same level of control the CDC currently holds over the nation. Think about it. The CDC, an organization which doesn’t appear anywhere in the U.S. Constitution or any of the state constitutions, effectively has control over the country. Schools, stores, government buildings, restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, sports leagues, medical facilities, concerts, health clubs, and on and on–all must follow CDC “guidelines.” Politicians and labor unions use the CDC as political cover. Businesses and other private organizations fear getting sued or shut down if they don’t follow the CDC fascist dictates. Whatever the enforcement weapon of choice, whether it’s a gun or fear, if you comply with orders, you’re being controlled. The past year+ we have sacrificed our freedoms voluntarily where the end result is no different as if troops had marched through the country and enforced dictatorial rules at the end of guns.

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