05-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

get dog to watch house sleeping bed
kylie jenner 1 million instagram me loses 10 each post kermit
cdc blue states florida since september 2020
please end war on drugs biden banning menthols
corporate media control speech protect kids
joe biden spending plans past due bill debt children
police 911 emergency will respond consult with lawyers
caitlyn jenner boys competing against girls unfair transphobe lgbtq
central ignorance agency cia woke state of america

What Could Possibly Explain Those Poor Job Numbers?

were hiring 11 an hour just say no 300 unemployment

Biden Attempts to Spin Disastrous Jobs Numbers

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jingle bell jawbreaker husband before morning coffee life insurance
tweet ella zee dont hate mobile internet machine starts ringing
tweet gamestop dodgecoin lotter financial advice idiot

Quote of the Day

quote minions people everything happens for reason

Message of the Day

message questioning reasoning doesnt make u anti anything conspiracy theorist

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