05-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

yoda luke not afraid of wife you will be
sign when pool opens no water lanes social distancing
joe biden dog moved on training sniffing hair
therapist tell liberal who to hate now trump gone
true cdc adopted language drafted major teachers union spelling grammar
democrats divide black white and conquer
bart simpson i will never obey tyrants chalkboard
this is what 81 million votes joe biden looks like covering vote count
babylon bee internet inventor al gore bans trump from internet
texans continue to use your mask to clean your guns
jen psaki kids not cages ball pit fun

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet mike primavera mistakes never gender reveal party
tweet mademoselle living with parents free mental wellbeing
tweet catturd actual expected jobs report mathew mcconahey

The Mainstream Media Would NEVER Use Double Standards

science before after biden pcr surfaces masks outdoor

Quote of the Day

quote debra williams difficult truth hesitant stand up to tyranny children

Message of the Day

message people need to appreciate effort not being serial killer

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