05-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

odds of you killed by cat low never zero knives
yoda when someone love personality there is another
woman baby white supremacist begin anti racism training delivery
clown have same opinion media corporations un state government rebellious
cnn israel hamas mstly peaceful rockets
joe biden border security doggie door
aoc illah omar tlaib cheerleading for hamas
joe biden terrible jobs report could pay you not to work
greene aoc debate green new deal help police almost died
babylon bee biden continues rollback trump policies including peace middle east
obama carter worst president ever award joe biden
silence of lambs gallon gas stay home wear mask get mean tweets again

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet catturd joe biden car rallies gas lines
tweet zuby half population likes living in fear

Sieg Heil

tweet joe biden get vaccinated or wear mask sponge bob

Desperately Needed Education for Media & Politicians

books abcs of economics american revolution liberty toddlers

Mainstream Media – Fashionably Late to the Story Again

Melinda Gates reportedly sought out divorce lawyers in 2019 when news of Bill Gates’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein surfaced. Here’s how the two men were connected.

Way to go..only about 2 years behind on the story. Maybe the media will next come through with some breaking news that Bill Clinton had ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Maybe, just maybe, Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t be burying stories and suspending accounts before they know any of the facts?

Quote of the Day

quote lauren boebert facebook oversight board shouldnt be more powerful than us constitution

Message of the Day

message joe biden go fuck yourself america

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