05-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda what parents think newborn looks like actual
how to prepare for zoom meeting duct tape cat wall
daredevil batman ghost rider mackey hes right
recycling liberal myth racoon put in trash interview
toothpick lumber seeds 5 dollars
joe biden people leaving 3rd world make america one
word of day lettuce democrats wont finish audit because cheated trump
jill joe biden democrat party salute sieg mask
babylon bee arabs kill jews israeli no compromise

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet whats science nba coach mask anomaly fakest stupidest abusive power overreach
tweet jon gabriel joe biden border policy unemployment gas economy foreign wars stop

Quote of the Day

quote to suppress free speech double wrong violates rights of hearer and speaker douglass frederick

Message of the Day

message can remove my pages delete memes not what i know censorship

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