05-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bookstore dont kill anyone but here is how
wendys sign 2020 no tp 2021 no employees
rock vaccinated people wearing masks unvaccinated not
leave gas pumps mailman amazon unemployment checks packages
trump israel palesting peace 240 days ago
mitt romney rino party sign
joe biden wrecking ball economy miley cyrus
politician buy your vote guaranteed minimum income housing health care
usa gasoline shortages im riding with biden bumper sticker

New Meme Gallery Added

Zoom Video Conferencing Meme Gallery

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hippo less cool older geezer paradox
tweet jessie kids fell down stairs mom geoups dad lmfao

Message of the Day

message climate change religious cult convert non believers sins deniers

Your Rights Aren’t Granted By the Constitution, God, or Any Elected Leaders. They Comes from the CDC!

CDC Director Walensky: New mask guidance does not grant permission for widespread mask removal

babylon bee liberal obediently awaits cdc permission to breathe
center for democratic control cdc spraying fear

Quote of the Day

quote tyler durdin on a long enough timeline survival rate for everyone drops to zero

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US vs. Russia: Watch These Two Military Recruitment Videos and You’ll Quickly See Why We’re ‘So Screwed’
Muslim Meme Gallery

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