05-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

get toy huggies diaper testing facility monster
me yelling representative to automated customer service line
jesus wheel smack flipflop facemask out of order gas pump
karens right now wear mask signal virtue show vaccinated
us money to iran to hamas rockets israel
1619 project critical race theory garbage in out kids head
they live aliens getting worse removing face masks
cdc if vaccinated no mask indoors out unvaccinated liotta laugh
babylon bee luke skywalker condemned blowing up ap office death star
democrats bidenomics filling gas plastic bags

New Meme Gallery Added

Dogs Meme Gallery 2

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet emery lord tiers of friendship last speak to you on phone
tweet trying to be honest with therapist no so much get involuntarily hospitalized lasers

Because the “Science” Doesn’t Kick in for Another Month At Least

California Delaying Mask Mandate’s End So Residents Have Time to ‘Prepare’

Quote of the Day

quote grandma hug people know how big to dig hole

Message of the Day

message military deserve free college liberal protesters do not

Other Links That May Interest You

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Democrats Follow the ‘Science’ and Reject Common Sense – Stephen Moore
Fauci Finally Admits What We All Knew About the COVID Vaccine, Masks, and Infections
Educational Indoctrination Meme Gallery

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