05-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cdc dont have to wear mask going streaking
cat therapist tried pushing things off table no reason
moment walk on friends no kids playing in cash
know your parasites republicans democrats ticks mosquitos
school critical race theory crt racist zone
crisis to exploit covid gun race ufos checklist
democrats introduce bill make gaza 51st state
new normal freedom dr fauci stopping
psaki other than border jobs middle east gas prices going well

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mike coudrey burisma admits bribing joe biden media crickets
tweet catturd colonial pipeline hackers ransom never found

Message of the Day

message big assholes tend to raise little ones real circle of life

You Can’t Even Write a Paper or Memo Outside the Purview of the Thought Police

Google Docs to suggest users write using gender-neutral terms

Quote of the Day

“Higher long-term Treasury debt yields are a sign market participants are anticipating a stronger recovery, not of increased inflation concerns. I don’t see that the markets are expecting inflation to rise above the 2% inflation objective that the Fed has as an average inflation rate over the longer run.” — Janet Yellen, Biden Treasury Secretary

Companies like Clorox, General Mills, and Whirlpool are sounding the alarm on price hikes for products like trash bags, breakfast cereal, and household appliances as production costs increase

U.S. consumer prices post largest gain since 2009 as inflation ramps up

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2 thoughts on “05-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Not really sure that the situation in the middle east is one in which any side is without blame. I am positive that the citizens of the US should never be stolen from to support anyone in the region. The conflicts have been raging for thousands of years, but things like the Balfour and Sikes-Picot agreements and others from the end of WW1, and the central planning of the western colonial powers (US, UK, France, Spain) since then have most definitely made the situation worse and set the stage for the problems we are witnessing today.

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