05-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me alcohol is gone vodka goes bad after open
dont cheat on taxes sign 27 dependents
dr fauci all new simon says game hasbro
ride stops emergencies not crying need for college students
capitalism problems latte which car fridge too full cant decide which job
fun fact dog gun no state requires carry permit
same people oppose auditing 2020 election 4 year investigation 2016 election
biden russian oil gas pipeline make russia great again keystone
americans need to rise up psychos january 6th listen podcasts do nothing

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet rylee every apartment dog weight limit golden retriever
tweet elon musk kids ceo mars respond bitcoin

New Meme Gallery Added

Joe Biden Meme Gallery 3

Quote of the Day

quote candace owens call me uncle tom was the hero of book

Message of the Day

message covid flowchart vaccinated fauci cdc youre american do what u want

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Dogs Meme Gallery 2

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