05-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

immigrants hunt sex offenders alien vs predators
baby yoda cats tail smile step on balls
facebook fakebook censorship you can trust
michigan whitmer political hack enbridge shutdown pipeline colonial
gop tea party 2016 2020 maga trex
angry lady cat smudge i trust science you trust tv
israel is overreacting hamas death to jews rocket launching
steelworker union endorsed biden trump tariff deserved
child abuse mask cdc minnesota public schools ignoring

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet swavey vic cop tauras ford explorer soccer mom
tweet optimum survivor question crying corndog
tweet mark no parenting book child cryptocurrency questions

Message of the Day

message dr fauci prison what the next lockdown should look like

Quote of the Day

quote yoda pass on what you have learned strength mastery failure greatest teacher

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4 thoughts on “05-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. And what exactly do parents tell their kids about the monopoly money we call the Federal Reserve Notes – aka Dollars? Since 1973, there has been nothing backing its value other than the ability of the federal government to STEAL the hard work, productivity, and wealth of US citizens. Indeed, both currencies are based on faith, but at least 321,000,000 aren’t enslaved to prop up cryptocurrencies. Don’t get me wrong. I only support sound money derived by free market choice.

  2. We need to get this comment section going. This is where the party lives. The wisest people comment on articles. And the smartest ones get offended at their comments and reply. Seriously though, cmon man! Leave a comment! This is a full crowd!

  3. The next lockdown needs to have Fauxi featured in a GITMO orange jumpsuit (or whatever they make them wear at the Hague (crimes against humanity trial).

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