05-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

anakin saw laser sword moms doesnt work
monsters how girls pose for pictures compared to boys
flight one way hate capitalism china cuba venezuela sudan
antisemites feather stomp together america tlaib omar aoc pressley blm antifa
driving joe biden obama aoc turn left china driving
democrat farmer planting identity politics to grow hatred
word of day pizza sheets 35 rinos vote out primary
joe biden future generations debt deficit cafe
when you voted for biden refuse to look at what he is doing
fabled characters most of us no longer believe in santa easter bunny dr fauci

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet charlie kirk joe biden russian keystone pipelines
tweet lexi freshman 4 years to dream job
tweet jarel freid america covid response vax card doesnt fit in wallet

Quote of the Day

quote lightfood will only do interviews black brown journalists okay candace owens

Message of the Day

message dark realization significant citizens turn if instructed by authority

Other Links That May Interest You

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2 thoughts on “05-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Why, after 4 years of abject lies about supposed Russian influence over the 2016 election and the Trump administration that turned out to be complete bullsh*t, are conservatives and others so quick to believe that this recent hack of the Colonial pipeline was from Russia? Because the Biden administration says so? The same folks who basically lied for four years under Trump and who lied about the election and everything else? Has it not occurred to any of these folks yet that the very same folks who are trying to destroy this country from within through economic policies, shutdowns of pipeline construction, and mandates for “clean” energy, are also the ones with all the tools at their disposal to hack a pipeline and make it seem like the Russians? Or have these folks not yet figured out that the greatest enemy the American citizens face has always been occupying our nation’s capital?

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