06-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

come to the drunk side darth vader beer bottles
ducks not in row where are in cop car
sometimes you meet someone know from that moment want to spend life without them
tonights powerball tank of gas piece of plywood
who wants to stop climate change who wants to confront china responsible for 3rd
joe biden so generous thats your wallet jackass
joker truth will set you free except on facebook 30 day ban
babylon bee snopes new rating false for now
john kerry climate czar 12 cars yachts private jet
aoc defending capitol netflix

Quote of the Day

quote youre not the boss of me as put blanket on dog right way

Because Gas Prices Aren’t High Enough

Biden suspends Alaska oil, gas leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Message of the Day

message life lesson victim mentality get you killed its up to you island help

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet being libertarian reason newsome whitmer break own mandates dont believe own bullshit
tweet spike cohen special foreign sweat shops imprison gays rainbow
tweet catturd funny how cyberattacks only happen areas biden wants to shut down gas beef

A Truly Despicable Scum of the Earth

‘Fire Fauci’ Narrative Gets New Life With These Peculiar Emails From a Wuhan Lab Funder
Fauci Was Told Early on That Wuhan Coronavirus Looked ‘Engineered’
It Turns Out Dr. Fauci Also Knew Masks Weren’t Effective Against COVID

rand paul told you fauci was a liar

me reading fauci leaked emails losing friends year fraud

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One thought on “06-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Instead of yet another monument to war on the national mall, they should install a long line of permanent gallows. Maybe someone would finally get the message.

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