06-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sponge bob kind of crap see marry morning person
fisherman bait shark beer
lebron james if someone threw popcorn at him pain floor
smells like bullshit must be new covid variant
supreme court rule final unless overruled by facebook
liberal there i was repeating everything news tells me
joe biden hang in there going to get much worse
launching new anti social network get out of my face book
pelosi mccarthyism phony insurrection jan 6 probe
simpsons tv told me if i pay more money to government weather will be gooder climate change

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sarah ryan how know vaccinated cant eliminate risk dystopian nightmare

Update on America’s Dr. Mengele

If you were wondering how the vast majority of the mainstream media would cover the Fauci emails, let me sum it up:

*cricket noises*

tweet charlie kirk entire white house press briefing not single question fauci emails

Six Bombshell Revelations from Fauci’s Emails
CNN Runs Interference For Dr. Fauci After Email Scandal

tweet fauci foia emails jordan masks scientists lab leak
tweet robby starbuck if leftists dr fauci china biden president would they care
hillary clinton note dr fauci should have deleted emails
rand paul dr fauci wrestlers

Quote of the Day

quote thomas paine body of men holding accountable to nobody not to be trusted

Message of the Day

message anti mask isnt a thing youre anti face

Other Links That May Interest You

Poll: Big Tech’s Reputation Takes Pandemic Plunge
‘I Learned the Ugly Truth’: Minnesota BLM Founder Calls it Quits
‘Follow the Science’ Crashed and Burned With Pete Buttigieg’s Reason for Continued Mask-Wearing for Air Travel
Dogs Meme Gallery 2

2 thoughts on “06-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Good to see that the memes are focusing on all the key points – that this virus was engineered, that it may well have been part of a bigger global plot that involved stealing the election from Trump and the American people, and that Fauxi was involved from the beginning of the conspiracy. What I hope is not lost is that the identities of all the key players are still not publicly known, though likely their names are familiar to many. Hopefully the focus will turn to Davos rather than just to China, but that will probably just initiate phase two of their plan in the global cyber attack. Hang on folks.

  2. Why have we not heard more about Fauci actually being caught on film in 2017 clearly stating that “this administration (Trump) WILL see a pandemic”? How in the hell would he know that unless he was in on planning it?!

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