06-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how to calm toddler snacks patience also works for wives
angry lady cat smudge five guys iv 4 guys
we all have that one friend shorts boat
if social media fact checkers existed columbus galileo earth is round post revolves around sun
fantasy books lord of rings game of thrones fauci expect unexpected
2 countries having war usa let me in
mlb sued 1 billion pulling all star game out of atlanta
joe biden miss basement border gas inflation racial division middle east
conspiracy theorist term used discredit those seen through bullshit
wrote poem fauci lied told you year ago
babylon bee joe biden bombshell ties to white supremacist democrats

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet societies survive immoral people not if make immoral moral
tweet broaddrick despicable criminals covid election

Quote of the Day

quote moms sit down smile caption my everything

Message of the Day

message sometimes black sheep of family is only one telling the truth

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