06-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

im still young can do this my body fuck you are ozark
substitutes for healthy diet coffee cheese cauliflower
id rather have pizza then burger than
cat when say love your flaws werent aware you had any
facebook meme funny your account restricted
condom facemask they dont want to put you on either
they live trust the science sunglasses state
babylon bee fauci hires hilgo clintmann to secure email server hillary
hero villains lair amazon headquarters
joe biden no gas meat lumber freedom great job
joe biden eat ice creaam not have to worry brain freeze

Message of the Day

message 20 years ago internet escape from real worth now escape from internet

Once You Give Power to Communist Dictators…

Gavin Newsom Goes Back on His Word, State of Emergency Will Remain in Place After June 15 Deadline

government when pandemic is over why shouldnt i keep emergency powers

12 Lessons Learned from Covid-19

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet lauren boebert no such thing as assault weapon critical race theory steal liberty
tweet vince langman cia spying on trump not china
tweet liz willis thanks for new viewers from foxnews not showing trump

Quote of the Day

quote television monster in your home program change psychologically way view reality

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