06-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

golfer just wanted to highligh people in danger crowd
whoremembers whore members already friends
breaking bad dad whole day friend comes over underwear
coffee backwards eeffoc dont give eefoc until had mine
cop calling lebron first round elimination should have done
dr fauci in case never saw lying dog faced pony soldier
patriot vs liberal tan lines facemask gun
cancel culture church of eternal outrage gospel twitter
dr fauci wuhan nothing to see here
how fact checking works claim consistent narrative true no fake silence censorship
everyone blamed trump no one blames joe biden same people
hillary fauci repeat what difference at this point does it make
them libertarians selfish dont want to pay taxes millions lizards on a treadmill

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bradfordfile america doesnt have white supremacy problem lying white liberal problem
tweet broaddrick despicable criminals covid election

Quote of the Day

quote mike huckabee social security not governments money taken involuntarily whole work life

Message of the Day

message without rain nothing grows embrace storms of life

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