06-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

he went to home depot lumber ring
penguin slept like shit choosing violence today
everything falling apart work dont get paid enough to care dont look back cloud nine
dr fauci roman chariot following science politics horses
kathy bates government dont be afraid i love you gun needle
college softball girl dugout dislocated soft lebron james
joe biden black entrepeneurs dont have lawyers accountants
dumb and dumber covid dont have any symptoms thats one
pelosi drowning what to do only black lives matter

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kate lambert women out wearing bras had an agreement
tweet relo rj pronounced data or data
tweet ys helped neighbor bury rolled up carpet pay it forward
tweet stephanie ortiz husband napping shank

Quote of the Day

quote nelson mandela people not divided by race and religion fools wise

Message of the Day

message democrats want to stop free speech so cant talk about their crimes

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