06-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign eyes up here me looking up from dog
after 4th whiskey now time to tell people what you think
johnny draw item in front of you teacher panties
homer types of people social media easy to criticize fun too
texts papa johns automated system
change washington from inside me take off nuke entire site from orbit
corporation rainbow flag support cant just change logo in gay friendly countries
senate hearing zuckerberg dorsey marooned robot butler
coronavirus covid bought and paid for by dr fauci
joe biden barney fife cybersecurity

Quote of the Day

quote bill maher country world world war ii jews slaughter not gonna happen again

Bias? Double-Standards? Never!

white house budget trump vs biden new york times

Why Is This Still a Question?

tweet catturd plausible wuhan lab coronavirus bat wet market

This wouldn’t even be a debate if the media and most world government/institutions weren’t controlled by anti-American/globalist/pro-China lapdogs.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dave smith obsessively paying attention news experts wrong never apologize
tweet zuby 2020 21 translator expert science conspiracy vaxxer killing grandma

Message of the Day

message humanity splitting into two geoups propaganda controlled

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