06-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

toilet paper roll beards cool mullets bad
whats wrong with childhood carlin dice clay kinison murphy
elephant slide telling kids babies come from
most of new arrivals heaven cant converse stair at hands despair
batman joker dr fauci say came from bat one more time
us troops drink iceland capitals entire beer supply one weekend
cops storming would be scene if fauci republican
white western men everything your fault joining right no idea why
this is watermelon if see apple conspiracy theorist
babylon bee to fight climate change biden sends us military to eliminate flatulent cows

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet aroc brag therapist gave her number
tweet pathrick every mega guy leaving planet
tweet woke trump lost honda 50 fill up
tweet zuby mainstream media broken emotional wellbeing psych terrorism
tweet matt walsh only white people slavery no other race did anything bad

Quote of the Day

quote hunter beck single afternoon soup kitchen more charitable raise taxes vote

Message of the Day

message smaller fish do not panic organize eat bigger one

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