06-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda me waiting read google results martini tux
how parents texted back day envelop spotless whooping
two kinds of people pack week advance laundry day of
tadpoles normal sperm yours frogs doctor
fauci facebook cnn msnbc wuhan covid made in china pay no attention
parents pride balloon graduation proud of
angry lady cat smudge pro choicers enforce masks my body my choice
0 days since last clintoncide bill hillary
neo matrix red pill want to move to red state audit
liberal bain free speech and guns you conservative nazi
game show worst presidents in history jimmy carter barack obama joe biden
joe biden vlad putin why americans biggest threat reporter

New Meme Gallery Added

Marriage, Husbands, and Wives Meme Gallery

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet ian smith dinner masks fighting back inconvenience

Quote of the Day

quote albert einstein difference between stupity and genius limits

Message of the Day

message test came back 100 percent not buying government bullshit

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