06-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

think move chair out of smoke campfire fuck you are ozark
supervisor dog new hire first few days
see people walking in walmart than out meat is cheap dont ask questions
this is where we are now covid narrative wizard curtain
wokeness destroying american education sword
taught think before act smack shit confident decision
my reaction people have courage shop no mask stunning brave
is skulls of enemies dishwasher safe
hunter biden art ukrainian energy expert museum

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet asking parents therapist break it you buy it
tweet mads love when guys dating apps gorgeous girl mentally ill
tweet runnels dating app raccoon garbage

Quote of the Day

quote great leaders dont tell you what to do show how its done

Message of the Day

message if vaccine works passports pointless if not pointless

Flashback Reminders

aoc 51 protesters arrested 2018

west nile anthrax y2k ebola zika corona climate change tv fear

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