06-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when men bake cookies thongs
cat me trying to get into heaven friends with some of you
when todays safety meeting about what you did yesterday dog
bill murray 2 reasons dont trust people know them dont know them
office government where get money in budget stole it
have proof government bad everything it does ontario lost money selling cannabis marijuana
joe biden scribbles change my mind
dr fauci attacks me science hunter biden art corruption
bounty joe biden the quicker fucker upper

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet emma willmann could care less flying cars smoke alarm cooking vs fire
tweet nothing drive me murderous rage 30 minutes on hold reminder use website

Quote of the Day

quote ledesma doctor afterlife dont like idea screw up better place

Big Tech Monopoly Manipulation & Information Control

facebook community standards mewe suggestion
tweet breakdown tweets tweeters democrat weighted fake

mark zuckerberg facebook your existence goes against our community standards

Message of the Day

message congrats 16 months psychological warfare immune mine control

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2 thoughts on “06-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The same thing that applies to social media platforms applies to government monopoly schools. It is not enough to complain about them. You MUST withdraw your children and all of your support, including your support for any candidate that continues to support the existence of them and their violence-based funding mechanism.

    • The whole lockdown mess was and is horrible. However, the one good thing is many parents started homeschooling. Unfortunately republicans are calling for schools to bring students back, instead if permanently closing them.

      We need a mix of homeschooling, private and charter schooks. And no vouchers, because taxation is theft. Just don’t pay school taxes or property taxes disguised as school taxes.

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