06-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

blisters on hands from broom wife take car next time
3 hours car perfect washed pigeon eyeing
autocorrect me typing fuck 14th time duck
when in facebook jail let use messenger phone
joe biden american pie apple america
fauci taxpayer funded wuhan gain of function
joe biden white supremacy biggest threat border ms13 fentanyl trafficking covid cartels
media banning drive thru voting making voters prove who they were the humanity
joe biden iran nuclear deal death to israel
joe biden grips putin several key issues

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet sarach hucklebee pandemic taught america if attacked democrats join the enemy
tweet becker republicans revenge democrats deplatform silence destroy

Another Day, Another Covid Face Palm

Tokyo Olympics Bans Alcohol, High-Fives, and Talking Loudly to Help Control Covid

hail science candles

New Meme Gallery Added

Marriage, Husbands, and Wives Meme Gallery 2

Quote of the Day

quote drake sometimes change necessary job city majors own good

Message of the Day

message grenade soldier drugs whorehouse nba stop making stupid people famous

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