06-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bat stopped by parent kid phone jedi masters
follow me for more summer tips pool noodle ac balls
lost wife vagina museum meet me by clitoris
france retirement 65 canada 67 usa you guys get to retire
teacher critical race theory crc lesson division
dinner democratic socialist cool open about your mental illness
border fence gap california voter registration portal
covid sign the boris variant england protest
olympics womens trans rights bigot unfair
kids cages please visit border biden kamala best el paso

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet missy baker engaged people partner facy fuque budde
tweet mom parent first born kid fireman 2nd arsonist

Quote of the Day

quote knit blood stains red murder shows never find you

Message of the Day

message wrong is wrong even if everyone doing it right no one

Preview of Coming Attractions

Israel Reimposes Mask Mandate with Spread of Delta Variant

Unfortunately, I predict mask mandates will be back in place in the U.S. by winter, if not before.

Why Are We Still Playing Mask Theater At Airports And On Airplanes? – Scott Morefield
Why Facemasks, Social Distancing, and Other Covid Restrictions Will Continue Forever

Daily Covid Facepalm

My wife and stepdaughter drove a ways to visit a zoo in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this weekend. Michigan, of course, is ruled by the Communist Dictator, Governor Whitmer, who has imposed an impossible target of 70 percent statewide vax rate before she’ll “allow” some freedom to return. One of her restrictions is forcing monkeys to quarantine, as somehow they’re going to get Covid while climbing outside 20 feet from the humans already near herd immunity.

Just as we have no scientific research that proves masks work against covid or that people with the antibodies can spread the disease, there is no research to support widespread susceptibility of covid in monkeys, especially when they’re outside and socially distanced from humans. But it doesn’t matter with fascist dictators like Whitmer. They will always err on the side of taking away freedom. It simply is not part of their value system.

whitmer stalin book just until we find a cure blue state governor
tweet jeff sign language interpreter whitmer loser
our constitution was written because of people like this whitmer cuomo newsom

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