07-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

universe free britney best i can do bill cosby
broken tennis trophy
starbucks cat instead of misspelling name knock cup off table
secret turning 40 into 400 put gas tank drive to work
didn't investigate voter fraud found none arrows
cnn licking heals jen psaki biden admin
look super mega delta covid strain nobody cares
border crisis kamala joe biden both falling
silver alert joe biden muttering destroying america
first day of job kids school bus go fuck yourselves
liberal democrats defund police dont prosecute crime rises blame guns

Enemy of the World

quote candace owens firing fauci not good enough ruined lives crime of century

Rand Paul Blows Up Another Fauci Claim, This Time on the Delta Variant
Scalise Reacts to Fauci’s Refusal to Testify About the Origins of Wuhan Coronavirus

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet diggler baffles learn anything online for free 30k professor poorly explain
tweet dershowitz suspending rudy guiliani law license no due process

Daily Covid Facepalm

feds deny mt rushmore fireworks covid politics virus

Kristi Noem slams Biden admin’s Mount Rushmore fireworks ban, says decision is political payback

Quote of the Day

quote penn every time bad happens safety government answers taking rights good people

Message of the Day

message dont take life seriously wont get out alive old man skateboard

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